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Welcome to Risk Mantra – Profit comes from business & business-comes with risks. So the question is how to manage these risks.

Joining hands with Risk Mantra is the key to managing those risks. We provide an array of innovative products designed to protect your assets, including risk management, insurance and employee benefit packages. We serve clients ranging from individuals to large corporations. We take a team approach to helping our clients more effectively identify, minimize and manage risk. Our huge clientele is a proof of our professionalism.

chairman's message

Risk Mantra has been founded on the basic principles of integrity, accountability and transparency. Corporate governance is a way of life for us rather than a check mark on the compliance box. It not only forms an integral part of our core values but the ethical approach is deeply ingrained in our culture as an organizational paradigm.
Our complete coverage of the entire retail universe helps us manage risk effectively by teaming our strategies of decentralized business models and geographic diversification. We manage the challenge of robust governance in an ever-changing environment by adhering to the tenets of responsibility, accountability, fairness and transparency.
We are entrepreneurial, adaptable, competitive and are continually guided by our philosophy that is driving performance along with accountability.

Omair Ahmad


In an ever-changing world, change is the only constant factor. Macroeconomic conditions change, so does the business cycle and the ceaselessly changing tastes & preferences of our consumers, translating into a material and continual impact on consumer demand patterns.
As a result, we need to constantly adapt and stay ahead of the curve in order to deliver the best solutions for our customers. We promote a culture that is proactive and entrepreneurial rather than reactive and bureaucratic. Our people and business models are adaptable and flexible, which in turn make our operations agile and responsive.
Regardless of the nature of market dynamics, our competitive position has become stronger every year, resulting in an increasing market share. This unwavering forward momentum is attributable to our depth of local knowledge, early identification of opportunities, independent decision making by our self-directed teams and our uncompromising pursuit for quality service with speed.
Year after year, we have constantly listened to our customers and transformed to support their needs. Every team has its own success story, but the common thread that runs across them all is ‘adaptation’. The true Spirit of Risk Mantra is in the transparency of relationship with our valued consumers and business partners and our willingness to adapt to the changing business environment.

Sayed M. Rizvi

Lead Risk Advisor

The way we have structured our business model has helped us achieve consistent results over the past five decades across economic cycles. The key attributes to our success are the building blocks that our business is centred around.
Maximising fundamental intrinsic value for stakeholders and shareholders over time, we have always maintained that our partners and employees are the centre of our business strategies.
Differentiating through providing customized marketing and service solutions, helping us grow at higher than market growth rates.
A Focused and Diversified Portfolio. Over time, we have aimed at building a uniquely shaped dependable portfolio of world renowned brands which bring utmost value to our consumers, business partners, employees and shareholders.
• Scalable Systems, institutionalizing risk, control and operating systems that promote steadfast and effective execution.
Replicating the Risk Mantra DNA. Empowering and training our talent pool has provided us with significant bandwidth to execute our growth plans. Our multi-cultural team has grown to over 15 nationalities, which makes it quite unique among our competitors.
Management excellence. A high calibre, high-performance management team with rich global experience is the driving force of our sustained growth.
Governance & Transparency. Effective management processes and a strong executive leadership constantly guiding us with our core tenets of Governance.
Over time, we are acquiring new strengths, organically by building synergies within our operations and inorganically by investing in and acquiring new capabilities that complement and enhance our existing businesses. Our food services and consumer agency divisions are continuing their strong growth trajectory and delivering consistent year on year growth. The vigour, grit and optimism of our talented multi-cultural team, is continually enabling us to skillfully explore and navigate more market opportunities. Our shared vision and culture of leadership are driving our business at every level, giving us a distinct competitive advantage, while maintaining relentless focus on our continued successful journey into the Future.

Mohd Saif

Sr Consultant Risk Advisory

Risk Mantra
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